What is Passivhaus?

  • Passivhaus gives you - the occupant, a highly comfortable and healthy environment while using very little energy for heating and cooling. 
  • With a continuous thermal insulation, you are enveloped inside a quiet and healthy space that keeps you comfortable year-round. And that is also really good for your pocket!
  • Passivhaus is fairly airtight, allowing no drafts, no insects or rodents and no unwanted air/dust and other contaminants infiltration.
  • High quality windows ensure no cold/hot spots nor condensation and allow you to sit in your favourite window nook, even on an extremely cold day.
  • Passivhaus has a constant supply of pre-tempered and filtered fresh air, eliminating contaminants from cooking or from the outside, providing you with a healthy environment 24/7.
  • In essence it provides you with energy independence and decouples you from the volatile and finite energy sources, while keeping you very comfortable and healthy inside your home!

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