Passivhaus council housing is a project in the UK and consists of 29 buildings with a total of 70 dwellings in a variety of configurations (terraced townhomes, quadplexes, duplexes and single family homes).


Presently in the design phase, the project involved creating geometric models and using designPH for preliminary energy balance and shading calculations.

More detailed PHPP energy models were developed for all 29 buildings to determine feasibility for Passivhaus performance. Variant PHPP function was used to quickly develop energy models for location/orientation variants of the same building topologies.


Master sheet was used to drive and optimize key parameters in determining acceptable U-values of construction assemblies, windows/doors components and MHVR systems.


Summer overheating situation was detected on a subset of buildings and a shading study was done to propose a remedial strategy.

Passivhaus Council Housing