eMod Studio is a Certified Passivhaus Design (CPHD) consultancy with a mission to guide your design/project to meet Passivhaus certification criteria.

  • Model energy balance of your project and perform thermal bridge analyses of critical structure assemblies.
  • Perform site shading analysis to ensure that key comfort and energy balance criteria are satisfied.
  • Collaborate continuously with your architect and construction team to ensure realized design would reach Passivhaus performance level and/or certification.
  • Evaluate performance of key envelope elements, like doors and windows to ensure suitability for your project.

Principal, Passivhaus Designer, Energy Modeler

CPHD, MSc. Mech. Eng.

Search for improved comfort, good health and low energy bills in his own home led Vlad to the most rigorous standard of designing and building homes - Passivhaus.


This new discovery initiated a personal and professional journey for Vlad, from a client to a Passivhaus professional. Building own Passivhaus in the US was the first step. Training as a Passivhaus Designer followed shortly after. The journey resulted in Vlad certifiyng own home as Passivhaus Plus and obtaining a CPHD credential in the process, which led to forming a Passivhaus and energy modeling consultancy eMod Studio.

eMod Studio guides Passivhaus multi-family and single family designs/projects and deep-energy retrofits in meeting Passivhaus performance and certification criteria.





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Vladimir Pezel