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Passivhaus gives you - the occupant, a highly comfortable and healthy environment while using very little energy for heating and cooling.  Passivhaus has a constant supply of pre-tempered fresh air, no cold/hot spots, no drafts, no unwanted air/dust and other contaminants infiltration. With a continuous thermal insulation, you are enveloped inside a quiet and healthy space that requires minimal heating or cooling to keep you comfortable year-round. And that is also really good for your pocket!

In essence it provides you with energy independence and decouples you from the volatile and finite energy sources, while keeping you very comfortable and healthy inside your home!

Energy balance modeling


Thermal bridge analysis

Use thermal modeling analysis to assess whether your design and construction detail provides for a continuous thermal barrier or some thermal bridges sneak through and allow energy losses.

gallery/15 park foundation-wall x-section 5 w cellulose

Passive House project - Foundation, wall and floor junction


Passive House project - External wall corners, roof - wall junction

Passive House project - Windows installations


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Recently Certified Passive House Plus is a project realized with a local Design/Build firm Placetailor. It is a two storey, single-family home with ~1300 sqft of Treated Floor Area. Foundation is a combination of a stem wall and a shallow ring beam, separated by mineral wool. Walls are double studs with ~14.5" of dense packed cellulose. There are 2 smart membranes in the envelope - vapor open SIGA Majvest on the outside and SIGA Majpell 5 on the inside with a low PERM rating to reduce diffusivity into the wall. Membranes and windows are all taped with SIGA tapes. Windows are triple pane, tilt and turn, imported from Europe. Heating and cooling are provided by a Mitsubishi mini-split heat pump. Domestic hot water is supplied by a Solar Thermal system and the whole house is ventilated with an HRV.

For the last 7 years, the house is performing beautifully, and above expectations. With the addition of a small PV in 2016, the house has been Net Positive!


Check out the whole contruction process on the Park Passivhaus Blog.

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passive house principles

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Use PHPP or WUFI, depending on the Passive House standard you are seeking, to evaluate the feasibility of your design for Passive House certification.

eMod Studio is a Certified Passive House Design (CPHD) consultancy with a mission to guide your design/project so it would meet Passive House certification criteria.

We model the energy balance of your project in PHPP (or WUFI, accommodating your preference of the Passive House certification), and perform thermal bridge analyses of critical structure assemblies. With site shading analysis, we ensure that key comfort and energy balance criteria are satisfied.

Early and continuous collaboration with your architect and the construction team ensures realized design would reach the Passive House performance level and/or certification.